X users furious over couple 'using dead fly' to avoid paying at restaurants

X user shares how couple cheats restaurants by using a dead fly. Picture: Pexels/Element

X user shares how couple cheats restaurants by using a dead fly. Picture: Pexels/Element

Published Jun 28, 2024


Disgust and anger are simmering online after an X user, Udit Bhandari, shared a post exposing a couple's outrageous scheme to score free meals at high-end restaurants.

Bhandari wrote in the post that a middle-aged couple allegedly uses a dead fly to avoid paying bills for their food in up-scale restaurants.

In an elaborate note on the micro-blogging platform, he wrote: “Met a middle-aged couple at a party who revealed something quite disgusting. Apparently, it's something they do for fun as they didn't seem tight on money. They have on several occasions went out to dine at 5* restaurants in Delhi/Gurgaon and carried with them a dead fly! Yes, a dead fly!”

Bhandari added that midway through their meal, the couple would discreetly slip the dead fly into their food and then make a huge fuss about it. To appease them, the restaurant management would either not charge for that dish or, in most cases, make their entire meal free.

“Halfway into their meal, they would quietly slip this into their food and then create a huge fuss over it. The management in a bid to placate them would either not charge for that dish or in most cases make their entire meal free. They were proud to share his ‘hack’ for getting free meals and said they have done this many many times!”

Several people were taken aback and disgusted by such a dishonest practice and slammed those engaging in it.

One user wrote: “Disgusting, pathetic, that's theft and fraud, shows their upbringing.”

A second user wrote: “My brother used to work in McD part-time long back. He said that many privileged folks come to McD, eat halfway, and complain about bread, veggies, or order something else. They will settle it by replacing another order or providing extra meals as a policy.”

A third commented: “They seem to be not tight on money but tight on basic civic sense and morality.”

A fourth wrote: “I am glad that I haven't met anyone like them. I thought these types of people existed only in reel life, not real. You should start filtering your circle and the people you meet.”

In the midst of this, another person pointed out, “Yikes. 5-star restaurants in India aren't even that expensive.”

Since being shared, the post has received more than 10 000 views and several comments.