Idols hopefulls

Durban - More than 1 800 contestants turned up at the Playhouse Theatre in Durban on Saturday to audition for this year’s Idols reality show.

Sicelo Gowane, 27 was one of them. Waiting with his guitar, he said it was his second attempt at the competition. His song of choice was John Legend’s hit single, Stay.

“I am anxious, nervous and very excited. I have been trying to keep my cool and I am confident this will go well for me,” said Gowane.

While contestants packed the gallery in the theatre, waiting to be auditioned, hundreds more were waiting to register.

“The auditions started yesterday and will go on until Wednesday when the final judges’ auditions will take place.

“The selected candidates will go to Sun City for the next round of the competition,” said Ashmund Martin, publicity officer for the competition.

Extreme emotions prevailed during the auditions with those who failed bursting into tears and those who made it into the next round jumping for joy.

Most dressed to impress, wearing designer clothing, determined to make a good first impression on the preliminary selectors.

“I came here with my voice and my style to impress the judges. I have to look like an Idol and right now I feel like an Idol too. I know I’ve got this covered,” said a glammed-up Tania Knoop.

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