A KZN mother of two has spoken out after she was 'catfished' into sending nudes to a man she met on social media who then shared her intimate pics.
Picture: Pexels
A KZN mother of two has spoken out after she was 'catfished' into sending nudes to a man she met on social media who then shared her intimate pics. Picture: Pexels

Catfished woman claims circulating naughty pictures ‘ruined my life’

By Nathan Craig Time of article published Feb 16, 2020

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Durban - A KwaZulu-Natal north coast mother claims the circulation of pornographic images of her on social media has destroyed her life.

This week the mother of two, went public in a bid to reclaim her honour.

The 27-year-old from KwaDukuza, alleged that her former best friend, either posed as a man or had someone else pose as a man named Kevin and catfished her. Catfished is when someone lures you into a relationship by means of a fake online profile.

“I am alone, my own family don’t believe that I was catfished. But this week I decided to seek help to put a stop to this,” she said.

She approached local security boss Prem Balram of Reaction Unit South Africa to help track down the culprit who circulated nude photos of her.

Balram then released a cautionary statement that fake accounts with the woman’s images were sprouting and being used to catfish others, offer sexual services and discredit her.

“She just wanted a chance to explain herself and have her story told.”

She said she would be meeting a lawyer tomorrow to seek legal advice.

“I just want it all to be over. I get about 200 calls and messages daily asking for sex. It never ends and I feel like I am at a breaking point.”

She had only communicated with Kevin on Facebook. Her problems began on her birthday in March.

“What I did was wrong but I am not the only person who has ever sent naughty pictures to someone. But I trusted Kevin, we had been speaking to each other 24/7 for a while. But it didn’t start with me sending nude pictures,” she said.

She said Kevin asked for pictures of her face which led to pictures of her in lingerie and then explicit pictures.

But while she was speaking to Kevin, she was also “seeing” another man.

“We were not in a relationship, we were just getting close and getting to know each other but he didn’t know about Kevin. He got angry one day and showed me pictures of myself that I had sent to Kevin earlier in the day. He slipped up when he said my best friend showed them to him.”

The situation spiralled further out of control when the images were shown to her parents and ex-husband, the father of her two sons aged 4 and 8.

“My parents went ballistic and blamed me for everything even when I tried to explain to them what happened,” she said.

She said the nude pictures were also shown to her sons. In an attempt to put everything behind her, she changed phones, her number and cleared her social media profiles. But as a result, lost the proof she had.

“I went to the police to report what had happened but they said I didn’t have enough proof and sent me away twice.” She said a protection order has been issued against her for allegedly harassing the person she believes had been sharing her photos.

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