EFF leader Julius Malema File picture: Mark Wessels/Reuters

DURBAN - The DA and EFF's marriage is officially on the rocks.

The EFF has threatened to pull out of the coalition government in Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Bay), while the DA hit back and was set to take EFF leader Julius Malema to the Equality Court over comments he allegedly made at the red beret's election's campaign launch. 

Malema was quoted saying: "We are going to remove a mayor of PE, Athol Trollip, we are going for your white man in PE. We are going to cut the throat.”

The DA governs Nelson Mandela Bay, Johannesburg and Tshwane through coalition votes from the EFF, the UDM and other opposition parties. 

The DA's national spokesperson, Refiloe Nt'sekhe said Malema's comments were hate speech and incited violence.

“While these kinds of vile and bigoted statements have come to characterise the EFF and its leader, they have no place in South Africa and only undermines our constitutional democracy,” said Nt'sekhe in a statement on Thursday .

Nt'sekhe said the DA would report Malema to the Equality Court in terms of Section 10 of the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act, which states that: “no person may publish, propagate, advocate or communicate words based on one or more of the prohibited grounds, against any person, that could reasonably be construed to demonstrate a clear intention to: (a) be hurtful; (b) be harmful or to incite harm; [and] (c) promote or propagate hatred”.

On Tuesday, during parliament's debate on land expropriation without compensation, Malema warned the DA that the EFF would sponsor a motion of no confidence against Trollip.

This was after the DA rejected the EFF led motion on land.

Subsequently, EFF’s deputy leader, Floyd Shivambu, wrote on Twitter: “We, the leadership of the the EFF, have officially instructed the leadership of the EFF in the EC to start process of tabling a motion of no confidence against DA Mayor in Nelson Mandela Bay, & publicly state that if the ANC presents a credible candidate, we will vote with them!”.

The DA said it would be the people of Port Elizabeth who would bear the brunt of the EFF’s “cheap politicking”.

“The EFF is effectively attempting to reverse all the good work the DA-led coalition has done, and hand Nelson Mandela Bay back to the ANC on a silver platter,” the statement read.  

The DA said it will not be held ransom by the EFF’s attempts to get back into bed with the ANC.