Pupils at a school in Phoenix involved in brutal fight. Picture: Screengrab
DURBAN - A video of a schoolboy being brutally beaten has emerged on social media. The video is believed to have been shot at Phoenix, where schoolboys from the Palmview Secondary School clash with a rival group from another school in Phoenix.

The other school in question cannot be verified at this stage. In the video, one schoolboy is seen pushed to the ground and is kicked and punched to the head by a group of schoolboys who appear to gang up on him.

One schoolboy repeatedly punches the schoolboy in the head until he loses his school shirt, before motorists intervene, separating the boys.

The KZN province has been a hotbed of violence in recent months with many videos circulating on social media, some of which include teachers beating pupils and pupils beating up one another.

In one incident at a Richards Bay school, pupils brought knives and firearms to school.

The Palmview Secondary School wrote on Facebook in response to the video, that they were of the video that was circulating. They said the incident took place three weeks ago in September.

"Response from Palmview Secondary School with regards to the video that has gone viral: The incident occurred on 22 September 2017 (3 weeks ago) at the Palmview Shopping Complex. It took place long after school had terminated. It involved learners from a neighbouring school and our school. The matter was handled by the school and the SAPS," the school said.

Palmview Secondary said they dealt with the matter decisively and had reported the matter to the school's governing body and the provincial department. They were not available for comment.

KZN Department of Education spokesperson Kwazi Mthethwa said the department was investigating the matter and whether the school was a KZN school. He said the department did not tolerate violence at schools and would deal with the matter decisively if it was found to be a KZN school.

"We do not tolerate violence at our schools, we are not shy to deal with such cases," he said.

"Even with this one, if it is ultimately that it is an incident from KZN, our schools are not a boxing ring. Pupils must not be violent no matter what the differences between them. We need learners to tolerate differing views. We promote peace and tolerance at our schools," he said.