Police at a rescue scene. Picture: SAPS, Twitter

DURBAN - An actor has fallen to his death during rehearsals of a fighting scene in the southern Drakensberg.

The 39-year-old actor, who is yet to be named, died tragically after he fell off a cliff. 

The movie set was at the Sterkspruit Waterfall near Monks Cowl in the southern Drakensberg where the actor allegedly lost his footing and fell into the river on Thursday afternoon.

His body was recovered on Friday morning by Search and Rescue. 

A tour guide, who wished to remain anonymous, said the cast had arrived on the day like normal visitors and paid R40 entrance.

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“They didn’t have a guide because they never requested one and no one knew they would walk as far as to that part of the cliff.  They rehearsed at a very dangerous section of the reserve. There was no way that guy could have survived, the cliff he stood on is slippery and there’s a huge waterfall. We were called when there was this incident and we searched till very late,” he said.

His body was recovered by the search and rescue teams on Friday morning.

"It was a sad and heartbreaking moment seeing his colleagues crying, they stayed with us till late as they were assisting in the search. Their cameras were left lying on their own as actors cried, you could see they could do anything to find their colleague, it was traumatic,” he said.

Police spokesperson Thulani Zwane confirmed the incident and said an inquest docket had been opened.

“They were rehearsing a fighting scene at around 17:30, he fell off a cliff and was washed over a waterfall. Police recovered his body this morning and an investigation continues,” said Zwane.

The CEO of KwaZulu Natal Film Commision, Carol Coetzee said she was not aware of the incident but has asked her team to gather information.