I bring change, says JZ’s son, DZ

All Game Changers (AGC) party leader Duduzane Zuma. | TUMI PAKKIES Independent Newspapers

All Game Changers (AGC) party leader Duduzane Zuma. | TUMI PAKKIES Independent Newspapers

Published Feb 12, 2024


Durban — Duduzane Zuma says his newly formed political party, All Game Changers (AGC), is exactly what is needed to propel the country and its economy forward. The son of former president Jacob Zuma said the aim of his party is to address some of the challenges faced, particularly by the youth.

Zuma said he was confident about the need for change and that his followers shared the same sentiments.. “Just because there are new parties that are forming does not mean that they represent society as a whole.

“You see people splintering and new formations, but the narrative that is out there, the message that is being put out and the way that some people and some parties portray themselves is not in line with where we should be as a society. It is not representative of who we are.

“So, that inspiration came from the interactions which we had with people, and who we are and what we stand for as human beings in this society, to say the only way this will work is if we work together. A lot of people complain that there is no option on the table and there is no excuse from this point onwards. If people are serious about change, then AGC is the way to go,” said Zuma.

He said that while the party was not discriminative of any age group, gender, race or religious background, their main focus was young people as they are an important factor in the growth of society. Zuma said unemployment remained a constant feature and in order to counter it, they would be pushing for the improvement of investments in the country and infrastructure development.

“Unless we are re-industrialising, unless we are ramping up on manufacturing capacity, mining capacity and other manufacturing spaces that exist in South Africa, there will be no employment.

“You need people to get off their seats, wherever they are, and go somewhere to work hands-on.

“Work, as opposed to people sitting in boardrooms as executives. Not everyone can be an executive. So, that major portion of people that we want to build our society on and fill up the middle-class space is what we are focusing on,” he said.

All Game Changers (AGC) party leader Duduzane Zuma. | TUMI PAKKIES Independent Newspapers

Questioned about his membership with the ruling party, Zuma said he was officially a part of the AGC. He called on others to be a part of “the change”.

“How we place South Africa in the commercial space is not going to be based on political slandering and sloganeering.

“The politics is the willingness and that willingness, politically, should be one of a commercial nature where we say the only way that the country will flourish is to ramp up commercial schemes within the government sector, tying up with the private sector, and not having this battle that leaves us all on the sidelines watching and not being part of this tug-of-war,” he said.

Zuma said further information on their manifesto would be made available to the public in due course.

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