AIDS Healthcare Foundation policy and advocacy manager, Larissa Kuazinga.

DURBAN - The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has noted a spike in the number of social movements taking the fight against against sexual harassment and the misrepresentation of women in the workplace in the past few months.

AHF, is the largest global AIDS organization with a presence in 39 countries. On Thursday, the organisation marked International Women’s Day (IWD) at the KwaMuhle Museum in Durban. 

AHF's policy and advocacy manager Larissa Kuazinga, said South African medical research studies showed that one in three girls and one in four boys were victims of sexual harassment.

Debbie Heustice, Director at info4africa said they wanted to empower women to equip themselves with accurate knowledge on HIV/AIDS, to allow them to successfully use a condom every time they engaged in sex. 

"The world cannot go on talking about the end of AIDS while HIV remains one of the leading causes of death among women, especially among young women and girls in developing countries. From the smallest community clinic, all the way to the national health programs and at the international level, we must keep the promise to women by ensuring that they are empowered and able to access reproductive and health services, including HIV treatment, testing and prevention without long waiting times and without fear of intimidation and stigma,” said Heustice.

Mduduzi Hlophe from THINK NGO was one of 10 men present at the event. He said men should assist equally with domestic chores home. 

"My grandmother always told me to learn to do everything on my own because in the really world as a man I might find myself without a woman. Granny always said to my sisters if they don't want to wash the dishes they should clean the yard and they would do it. If I didn't feel like cleaning the yard I must do everybody’s laundry, which I did," said Hlophe.

Namhla Msinga spoke about women who face domestic violence and the sexual harassment women face daily.

"I don't think there’s any woman who has not been sexually harassed in a workplace or at school simply because your boss promises you a promotion in exchange for sexual favours and this how most women fall prey to harassment. It stops with us women, walk away, get that promotion because you deserve it. You don't have to exchange anything," said Msinga.