Saitul Moolla and Phelelani Vilakazi.
Saitul Moolla and Phelelani Vilakazi.
Saitul Moolla and Phelelani Vilakazi.
Saitul Moolla and Phelelani Vilakazi.
THREE of KwaZulu-Natal’s top maths wizards are all packing their bags to study medicine at Wits University next month.

The three pupils, all boys, attained top maths marks in their education districts of Amajuba, Ilembe and uMgungundlovu respectively.

They said strong parental support and hard-working teachers propelled them to become top maths pupils in their districts.

Carter High School’s Saitul Moolla attained the top maths marks in Umgungundlovu. The 17-year-old will be joining his older brother Saidur at Wits to study medicine.

“My dad is definitely a shining star, however, my mother, a housewife, plays a critical role in keeping the family together. She is the engine that keeps every part moving.”

saitul wants to specialise in cardiology.

Ferrum High School’s maths whizz, Phelelani Vilakazi, 17, from Newcastle, surprised himself when he scored top marks in maths, becoming the top achiever in Amajuba.

He scored five other distinctions. “I have no regrets, only happiness. I did not expect to do this well, beating every learner in my district to get the top prize,” he said.

Phelelani, who is also set to study medicine at Wits, said he found inspiration in his older sister, Snegugu, a chartered accountant.

He advised the class of 2018 to focus more on their work to get good results.

“It’s tough but when you study hard, it gets better,” he said.

Another maths top achiever in the Ilembe district, Stanger Manor High School’s Ashveer Singh, 17, attained six distinctions. Singh, who lives on a farm, said he had been nervous about the results, but was relieved and elated to learn of his achievements.

He is also off to study medicine at Wits, but admits he will miss his mother’s delicious cooking.