Mum pleads for help in finding her missing son

This picture of Dean Chetty was taken some years back. | Supplied

This picture of Dean Chetty was taken some years back. | Supplied

Published Jan 21, 2024


Durban — A KwaDukuza mother who has relocated to the USA, is desperately trying to find her son who she last saw three years ago.

Rebekah Isaac who moved to Florida in 2020, has sought the assistance of a local security company to locate her son, Dean Chetty. Chetty, 32, was last seen by family and neighbours in September. Isaac said she was concerned about his safety and just wanted him to come home.

“I last spoke to Dean in July. My older son went to see him at the family home in Fairbreeze, Tongaat, last year. I have been in touch with my former neighbours and they have not seen him or heard from him.

“I found out that he had turned to drugs and was incarcerated at Westville Prison for three months. I am desperately trying to establish if or when he was released. Dean used to work and live in KwaDukuza and was doing very well before I left South Africa. I was happy and at peace that he was doing well. I cannot believe that he has taken to drugs,” said Isaac, who is part of a church ministry in the US.

She said she was willing to get her son the help that he needed.

“No matter how good an upbringing parents provide their children, there are some that still turn to bad habits. Dean is my youngest of four children and as a mother the bond with their child is always strong despite the circumstances.

“I am now planning to return to South Africa to try and find Dean. I am hopeful and pray that he is okay. I want to help him and get him to a rehab facility. I am appealing to anyone who has seen him to contact Reaction Unit South Africa. I just want to hear anything about where he is so we can help him,” said Isaac.

Prem Balram of Reaction Unit South Africa, said Isaac contacted them last week to assist in finding Chetty.

“We are following leads as people said they had spotted him in Verulam and Tongaat, but there was nothing concrete. We believe he has also been using fictitious names which is making it difficult to find him. According to a police source he was caught in September in possession of drugs. We are hopeful that we will locate him,” said Balram.

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