Some of the city's horses eating supplies bought out of pocket by metro police officers. Picture: Sibusiso Ndlovu/ANA Pictures
Durban - There was public outcry on social media on Saturday in reaction to Durban’s metro police horses being neglected and starved.

The equestrian unit’s 14 horses went without food for three days last week and did not have shavings this week due to issues with processing and delivery of essential items.

Members of the unit forked out their own money to feed the horses.

A source at the eThekwini Municipality said their complaints to the supply chain management had fallen on deaf ears.

“It happens time and time again. Orders get sent on time, but someone is not signing the orders off and the horses suffer. These animals need to be fed and cared for, just like human beings.”

Abie Martin commented on Facebook: “The sad state of these horses' lives reflects the sad state of our nation. If government cannot even look after its horses, how will it ever be able to take care of its people?”

Another Facebook user, Ange Schoeman, said: “This is utterly shameful. Animals can’t talk for themselves, let alone go out and get food for themselves, but we expect them to work. Shame on you!”

Steve Middleton, the deputy head of operations at metro police, said after the story was published online, food and other necessities had been delivered. He uploaded a post to his Facebook page saying the horses had 1209 bags of shavings, 150 bags of feed and 700 bales of hay. 

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