Nightclub murder accused couple denied bail

Bryson Kyle Munilall was murdered outside a Durban nightclub in November

Bryson Kyle Munilall was murdered outside a Durban nightclub in November

Published Dec 18, 2022


A PHOENIX couple, who were charged with the murder of a magistrate’s son outside a Durban nightclub, were refused bail this week and are likely to spend Christmas behind bars.

However, their lawyer Chris Gounden said he was instructed to take up the decision on appeal.

“We are in the process of preparing our appeal documents.”

Self-employed Joeash Govindsamy, 28, and his wife, Aveshnee Naidoo, 21, made another appearance at the Durban Regional Court on Monday and were denied bail by magistrate Anita Hariram on Monday.

They both faced a charge of murder for the death of Bryson Kyle Munilall, 27, whose father, Bryan, is a Port Shepstone-based magistrate.

Bryson Kyle Munilall was murdered outside a Durban nightclub in November

The State, represented by prosecutor Calvin Govender, claimed that Govindsamy and Naidoo were the main participants in Munilall’s murder outside the Dance Cafe Nightclub, near Briardene, on November 5.

It has been alleged that Govindsamy stabbed Munilall multiple-times during a fight in the car park, while Naidoo started the fight by slapping and assaulting the deceased, also yanked his sister by her hair when she tried to separate them.

Govender previously led a witness, Captain Sanjay Arunjeeth of SAPS Greenwood Park, who assisted with the investigation into Munilall’s murder.

Arunjeeth told the court that he had viewed CCTV footage of the alleged bust-up and gave the court an account of what he saw.

He said Govindsamy was relentless in his attack on Munilall and stabbed him multiple times with an okapi knife,

The fight broke out after a verbal altercation.

Munilall was in the company of his sister and two others when Govindsamy, Naidoo and another female, just as they neared their parked vehicle.

Arunjeeth said Munilall and Govindsamy got into a fist-fight, which the deceased won.

After flooring Govindsamy, Munilall walked away.

However, he was overwhelmed when Govindsamy drew a knife and attacked him.

The policeman said Govindsamy was previously convicted of attempted murder and received a wholly suspended prison sentence.

He also mentioned that Govindsamy was arrested 24 times previously on assault-related charges.

Gounden said Govindsamy was a juvenile when he was convicted. This was the first time he faced a murder charge, and argued that Arunjeeth could not provide evidence to dispute that the 24 charges were “false”.

He said it was in the interests of justice that the couple be granted bail, they had two minor children, and Govindsamy was self-employed.

Govender said it was not in the interest of justice that bail be granted and that witnesses were influenced not to give statements or release video footage.

Hariram said no exceptional circumstances were shown for Govindsamy to be granted bail and that it was not in the interests of justice to grant Naidoo bail.

Regarding the couple’s children, Hariram said they were being taken care of by guardians and were in possession of State-aided grants.

The matter was adjourned to February.