Protestors swirl around police van ferrying rape accused Verulam stepfather. Picture: Screengrab

DURBAN - Angry protesters banged on a police van ferrying the Verulam rape accused stepfather as he left the court precinct on Thursday. 

The 43-year-old accused had earlier appeared at the Verulam Family Magistrates Court where his case was postponed to June 25 to allow him to seek medical attention. 

As the accused left the courtroom in a police van, protesters chanted that he was a rapist and appeared to want to bang the police van he was travelling in. 

The rape accused stepfather is accused of raping his 10-year-old daughter. The case against the rape accused stepdad has been postponed to June 25 to allow him to obtain a medical report. The 43-year-old mechanic appeared bruised and battered in the dock. His green shirt was torn and he had open wounds on his face.

Bruised Verulam rape accused stepdad appeared in court and has been remanded in custody pending a medical report. Picture: Karinda Jagmohan
Bruised Verulam rape accused stepdad appeared in court and has been remanded in custody pending a medical report. Picture: Karinda Jagmohan

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Case has been postponed to June 25, in order for a medical report to be obtained to allow the accused admission into Westville medical facility. He will be taken to Verulam SAPS in the interim. #VerulamRape @SundayTribuneSA @IOL

The accused is wearing the same clothes in which he was arrested. He can barely sit up in the dock. @SundayTribuneSA #VerulamRape

He could barely stand to show the magistrate his injuries.

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The man, whose identity cannot be revealed due to the nature of the allegations he faces and also to protect the identity of the child, is accused of raping his 10-year-old daughter and allegedly keeping her as a sex slave for five years following her mother’s death.

He is alleged to have performed gruesome sexual acts on the little girl in a dirty room in which the windows were covered with newspapers.

The matter at the Verulam Family Magistrate’s court on Thursday morning was long drawn as media first successfully applied to televise the proceedings of the case.

Media has been given the go ahead to televise proceedings of #VerulamRape case. Media may not show the face of the accused/image of child/names. When asked about this, the accused said he does not object to the televising of the case. @SundayTribuneSA @IOL

Then, the accused’s Legal Aid defence attorney, Mustaqeen Ameen, showed the extent of the accused injuries, which included an apparent fractured rib.

The case was postponed to allow for a medical report of the accused to be compiled which would allow for the accused to be admitted at the Westville Correctional Medical facility.

In the interim he will be kept at the Verulam SAPS.

This courtroom is also full of protestors against the #VerulamRape accused. We can hear protestors outside court as well. @SundayTribuneSA

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Earlier, dozens of protesters banged on the court demanding to be let in.

They have called for ‘No Bail’ for the accused, and some held signs with words ‘Rot in jail’. The Verulam community members were adamant to see the alleged rapist behind bars.

The accused will be remanded in custody at the Verulam SAPS.