Philips Price Busters was set on fire. Picture: Annie Dorasamy
DURBAN - FARHARD Hoomer, the suspected ring-leader of a group that stands accused of murder, kidnapping, extortion and terrorism-related charges, is 42 years old.

He will turn 43 on November 18. He grew up in Isipingo and went to a school in the area.

It emerged in the bail application that Hoomer was married to three women. One of them, Nadia, died earlier this year. A cellphone that was registered in her name was found in the vicinity of the Imam Hussein Mosque following the attack and discovery of an explosive device there earlier this year.

During the bail application it emerged he has five children. Neither of his wives or children can drive. They are also dependent on him. A close friend, who did not want to be identified, said Nadia had died in April this year after being ill for several months.

It emerged that Hoomer owned seven properties including one valued at R2 million. Police raided two of these properties, one on Nugget Road and the other on Fulham Road. Both are situated in Reservoir Hills.

The friend described him as “such a wonderful person”. However, former Radio Al Ansaar station manager and radio presenter Farhad Patel thought differently. In 2012 and 2013 Patel hosted the breakfast show on the Overport-based radio station.

He said towards the end of the show he played Islamic music as well as international music. This angered Hoomer who confronted Patel on several occasions. 

“As I left the building with my team, Hoomer would storm up to us. He called me an infidel and said I was propagating Haraam beliefs,” said Patel.

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