Members of Volleyball SA’s brains trust, which includes Siven Samuel (left, legal adviser), Anthony Mokoena (president) and Kriba Reddy (vice-president), in discussion.
VOLLEYBALL South Africa (VSA) have flexed their muscles, laying down the law against the Durban University of Technology club.

VSA has suspended the club and its players, pending an investigation, for participating in a tournament that was hosted by the Johannesburg Volleyball Union at Wits University earlier this month.

The sport’s constitution states that a club cannot play in a tournament outside its home province without the permission of the regional and provincial bodies.

The players in question met eThekwini Volleyball officials last week and admitted that a male and female team participated in the competition but played under the name of a social team, “Predators”.

VSA spokesperson Donovan Nair said: “It is deceit. They changed their name to play in the tournament.”

He added: “Being seasoned players, these guys know the rules. If there is a lack of evidence, then there will be no hearing and the whole thing will fall away.

“DUT will need to submit the names of the players who participated in the tournament. There is no use taking action against players who were not involved.

“If the players are suspended, then they can’t play in national tournaments, international events and club volleyball.”

In addition, UKZN player Reyanka Kisten, who is currently the under-21 national captain, has been suspended for featuring in the tournament.

The suspension has caused an uproar in local volleyball circles, with some calling the sanction “ridiculous and unfair”.

Former national player Kirshen Govender took to Facebook to vent his frustration.

Govender said players and clubs should be included in the decision-making process, especially in complex matters. Govender also commented that officials should be mindful that while they were nominated and elected to positions, they were also guilty of failing the sport at times.

The suspension had immediate consequences for the DUT Volleyball Club. They were denied participation in KZN Volleyball’s first provincial tournament played last weekend.

“The date for the hearing in the DUT matter has not been set. They will be informed in due course,” said Nair.