Former president Jacob Zuma was a no show at the State of the Nation Address. Picture: Reuters/Siphiwe Sibeko
Durban - Where’s Jacob Zuma? That was the question many South Africans asked on Thursday, when the former president was a no-show at the State of the Nation address - again.

Those expecting to find out on Twitter, where Zuma has a following of almost 198 000, and has been actively tweeting recently, were also left without answers. There was no clue, when he posted a photo of himself and his late brother, whom he referred to as “G”, just hours before President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered his address.

However, his brother, Khanya, said he was told Zuma was out of the country, although he did not know where he was.

“I was told he left on Monday. I think that is the reason he did not attend the Sona,” he said.

Khanya said he was intrigued by the speech, “because Ramaphosa touched on many projects that were launched by government during my brother’s time as president”.

He said he watched the speech alone in his rondavel which borders Zuma’s house in Nkandla.

Another Zuma relative said he had no idea where the former president was.

“I’m sure he is not in Nkandla.”

It was not the first time Zuma missed the address.

Last year, he was forced to resign.

He left the Union Buildings a bitter man as his party would not accede to his pleas that he be given three months so that he could hand over power to Ramaphosa.

In his resignation speech, Zuma’s parting words were, “we will meet somewhere”.

That somewhere seems to be Twitter which he has used to respond to his critics.

Recently Zuma had a go at President Cyril Ramaphosa who said South Africa was turning over a new leaf after “nine wasted years” under Zuma.

Zuma’s spokesperson Vukile Mathabela declined to comment about his whereabouts.

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