Two women were mugged at the Pavilion Shopping Centre while security staff were on a tea break on Wednesday night, claims one of the victims.

There to watch a movie, they were going to the women’s toilets at about 8.30pm when they were attacked.

“My ID and a letter with my address was in my bag, as well as other personal information. I also had R4 000,” said the 58-year-old. She asked that her and her friend not to be named for fear for their safety.

Two men pushed them to the floor and ran off with their handbags. “It was very fast. We think the men first cut our bags with a knife before grabbing them.” One victim was badly bruised and had a broken finger.

The women believe they were targeted after withdrawing money from the ATM. CCTV footage showed two men followed them in the mall until they were alone.

Comment was not available from the centre yesterday. – Sunday Tribune Reporter