Nikki Shange
DURBAN - Even though information about the scientifically proven treatment of the HIV/Aids is publicly available, however it’s seems like there are people who believe that the disease can be cured spiritually. 

Nikki Shange, 20, a born-again Christian and student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal said in a tweet that J esus can “cure” HIV. 

"Just to clear things up, I never said that people (with) HIV must stop taking their ARV’s. I simply said that the blood of Jesus can cure absolutely anything & I’ve witnessed countless testimonies . He is Jehovah Rapha for a reason. If you believe in Him , believe in His power too," she tweeted.
Shange was criticized for her stance, but she stood by her message and said: "It absolutely baffles me that people who proclaim to be Christian are genuinely laughing at the fact that I said that Jesus can cure HIV. Since y’all think this is a joke , what was Jesus doing in the Book of John?"
By 2pm, "Nikki" was one of the Top 10 trending topics on Twitter.  

Her post triggered passionate responses from the twitterati and some made fun of Shange, who describes herself as a brand influencer and model. She was accused of misleading the public. 
Shange's tweets also started a debate about Christianity and what was written on the bible. Other people on 'Black Twitter' said they would pray for Shange.  SUNDAY TRIBUNE