Young comic author takes on love novel

Lauren Bianca Maduray holding her newly published Fantasy Romance Novel called 'His Wolf Her Horse'. Photo: Supplied

Lauren Bianca Maduray holding her newly published Fantasy Romance Novel called 'His Wolf Her Horse'. Photo: Supplied

Published Jul 2, 2024


Lauren Bianca Maduray, a comic book artist from Chatsworth, has published her first fantasy romance novel called “His Wolf Her Horse”.

Just last year, the 27-year-old published her first comic book, “The Shadower”, and following her success she decided to venture into novels.

“I started writing this novel in March 2023 and it took me some time to finish. I completed the novel In June. Sometimes writing takes time to become something because it’s based on experience and daily life.”

The novel is about the tales of a wolf and a horse that bring two people from different villages together.

“Their power is unique. The love story between Carson and Vallerie blooms even though they face treacherous ordeals in trying to keep His wolf and Her horse safe. The book will centre on them protecting their creatures against anyone who harms them, even if it means fighting each other.”

She said she writes about what interests her and although finishing the book became hard, she was pushed to finish by an unlikely event.

“I love wolves and I am a huge fan of romance fantasy, so I began writing. I was able to complete the story when I came across a horse at my mum’s church called the U-Centre. They had a sports day.

“One of the things they had was a horse ride from Little Pony and Co and a horse called Benson was there. Benson has come a long way and has recovered so well. It was spending a day with Benson that inspired me to continue writing.”

Maduray said she always loved reading certain genres of books growing up.

“I always loved fantasy, romance, fairy tale, imagination, animals and nature. It started long ago when I wrote a novel while in high school and lost the book. From then on I always liked writing or watching fairy-tale stories.”

She currently works at a manufacturing company, but dabbles in cosplay and creating comic books on the sideline.

Her comic book was a take on Marvel comics, but it was centred on actual people, who were her friends. They helped her curate the book by using pictures of them as characters.

However, this self-published novel’s target audience is young adults as it is adult fiction and Maduray hopes to sell the novel through bookstores soon.

“I am working on a book launch soon. I am searching for the right place or for one of the bookstores to have a launch in.

“The hard copies will be sold through me and hopefully through a books store where I can direct people. I do have an e-book available through Multi-Marketing on for those who prefer digital reads.”

She hopes that those who want to become authors take the leap.

“Never stop dreaming, love, sacrifice, hope and adventure. I feel like life is always busy, rushed and so fast that we don’t have time to stop and have some fun or experience fantasy once in a while. Write as you imagine, don’t forget reality but also don’t limit what can be done. The sky’s the limit. Keep on going and you will never be able to stop,” said Maduray.

She has one more fantasy romance novel called “Bring It All Back” coming out with Mecs Publishing soon.