South African President Jacob Zuma, waves as he leaves parliament in Cape Town, South Africa, Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018, after it was announced that this years state of the nation address that was to be delivered on Thursday will be postponed. Officials say Zuma will not make the address because of concerns that lawmakers may disrupt the event. (AP Photo)

DURBAN - Amid heavy political uncertainty in the country, civic rights organisations have spoken out on the anxiety mounting around whether or not President Jacob Zuma will step down. 

Following Tuesday’s announcement that the State of the Nation Address would be postponed, the Active Citizens Movement (ACM) said the move was an indication of efforts pursued by the ruling party to action changes that have been called for.

“It is imperative that the ANC should now recall Zuma to restore the confidence of the people and to bring back stability. This will also demonstrate that the new leadership of the ANC is serious about tackling corruption,” said ACM spokeswoman, Yashica Padia.

The South African National Civic Organisation said Zuma has proved that we are no different to any other African country.

“When you are led by a person who cannot accept that their time is over, you know you’re in Africa. The president has no interest in the people anymore, he must go now,” said Sanco spokesman, David Mthalane.

Save South Africa's Sipho Pityana said South Africa needed to be taken into confidence and kept up to date with what's going on.

"There is no transparency when negotiations take place behind close doors. We need to know what agreements are being made for Zuma's exit. He must be removed now," said Pityana.

On Wednesday, ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa said "constructive" discussions were ongoing with Zuma. 

"On the basis of the progress made, it was agreed to postpone a special meeting of the ANC National Executive Committee that had been scheduled for later today. This will enable President Zuma and myself to conclude our discussions and report back to our organisation and the country in the coming days.

"I am aware that the uncertainty surrounding the position of the Head of State and Government is a cause for concern among many South Africans. This is understandable. However, I am certain that the process we have now embarked on will achieve an outcome that not only addresses these concerns, but also unites our people around the tasks that all of us must necessarily undertake to build our country. We will be able to communicate further on President Zuma’s position as President of the Republic once we have finalised all pertinent matters," said Ramaphosa.