4 reasons why you need travel insurance if you are going to the Rugby World Cup

South Africa’s Springbok rugby team which is set to jet off to France in September for the World Cup. Picture: Instagram

South Africa’s Springbok rugby team which is set to jet off to France in September for the World Cup. Picture: Instagram

Published Aug 22, 2023


With the Springboks ready to jet off to France for the Rugby World Cup in September, it’s important that you don’t forget to cover yourself if you plan on supporting the Boks live in action.

According to Tarina Vlok, managing director of Elite Risk Acceptances, a high-net-worth insurer and subsidiary of Old Mutual Insure, travel insurance is a must-have for the journey.

“Overseas travel is an investment in your experiences, but can come with its own challenges, risks and uncertainties.

“Taking out travel insurance can protect you from these and ensure that your experience remains memorable without any unbudgeted and unforeseen expenses,” said Vlok.

Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t skip out on travel insurance and some vital insurance tips on how to enjoy the travel and rugby experience, according to Vlok.

Unforeseen medical expenses

According to Vlok, when it comes to travelling, unforeseen medical costs can escalate quickly, especially if you need emergency medical treatment or even evacuation.

“Healthcare costs in European countries can be prohibitive, especially if you take the current exchange rate into consideration. It is important to have this cover to ensure any medical emergencies are covered and you have on-the-ground assistance if required,” she highlighted.

Vlok also revealed that many credit cards offer travel insurance if you paid for your tickets with the card, however, you shouldn’t assume that you’re covered and that the cover is sufficient.

“Check what is covered and whether the level of protection is sufficient. Don’t assume your medical aid will cover you. Many medical aids provide cover inside the borders of South Africa only.

“Others may only provide limited cover. It is important to ensure you have sufficient emergency medical cover while travelling overseas,” said Vlok.

Cancellation or curtailment

When it comes to cancellation or curtailment, Vlok said travel insurance reimbursed one for the financial costs incurred relating to unforeseen cancellation or if one must cut their trip short due to reasons listed in their policy.

Travel delays

Another reason why travel insurance is important is that one could experience travel delays.

“Travel delay will compensate you for expenses incurred due to the delay of your trip during a layover,” said Vlok.

Delayed baggage

Vlok said travel insurance was a must-have as one could experience delayed luggage.

“The policy will compensate you for the costs you incur if your baggage is missing, misplaced, or delayed by the carrier. Ensure you also have all risks insurance in place, to ensure that you are sufficiently covered for your personal possessions while travelling,” she said.