5 hacks to help you elevate your glamping experience this summer

A LUXURIOUS tented camp with the comforts of home. | Unsplash

A LUXURIOUS tented camp with the comforts of home. | Unsplash

Published Nov 16, 2023


The beauty of Mzansi is that the country has beautiful weather so camping can be done all year round. However, summer is a popular time for South Africans to explore the outdoors.

When glamping, you have the opportunity to sleep in luxury tent or cabin and wake up to breathtaking views of hills, beaches or other landscapes depending on your location. If you’re lucky, you can also spot some animals and connect with nature.

Traditional camping may not be for everyone; however, with glamping you get to experience nature with a sprinkle of comfort. If you plan on glamping this festive season, here are some tips to hacks to help you have a memorable experience.

Add the comforts of home

According to Kampgrounds of America (KOA), glamping values comfort and ensures you have access to an easy way of living while camping in the great outdoors.

“You can bring items from home to remind you of it while you are away. If you find comfort in table decorations or want to add colour to your campsite, include tablecloths or runners, flowers, rugs and other decorations on your packing list.

“You can also pack some of your favourite blankets, pillows and bedding to sleep with during your trip,” said the camping experts.

Create the perfect ambiance with lights

The camping experts also said that another way to elevate your campsite is by hanging string lights or lighting candles to establish a tranquil and calming ambiance.

“String lights and candles can also make your lodging look beautiful, especially at night, while providing more light for you to move around easily.

“You can bring battery-powered candles and lights if your campsite has no electricity hookups or you feel more comfortable not having open flames,” said KOA.

Cook gourmet meals

Food is an important aspect of any trip, so try to get creative with your meals. The camping experts said that while the typical chips, hot dogs and canned beans meal is delicious while camping, it does not reflect glamping.

“Create gourmet meals to help elevate your glamping experience. Bring a cooler full of ingredients to make big meals, from smoked salmon and artisanal salads to huge burgers with multiple toppings and fries. Glamping is the time to try out some gourmet food options,” suggested KOA.

They said don’t forget to indulge in your drinks, too and bring tea, coffee, water, wine and other alcohol if you enjoy having an alcoholic beverage or two at night.

Don’t forget about the entertainment

“Although you might have a packed itinerary exploring the local attractions, your time on the campground can be just as fun and relaxing.

“If you are planning to leave a couple of days open for lounging on the campground, pack some lawn and board games, books or craft supplies for everyone to do,” said the camping experts.

They said that though your campground may offer activities, having your own entertainment items can help you have fun at your campsite if you want to stick with your travel group.

Pack your essentials

And finally, whether you have a bathroom and kitchen at your lodging or a bathhouse a short distance away, you can make your glamping trip better by bringing your favourite essentials.

“Bring the items you need to maintain your self-care routine every night. If your kids have some favourite stuffed animals, bring them along, too,” said KOA.