Amanda du Pont enjoys dreamy Maldives getaway with mom



Published Feb 7, 2024


South African actress Amanda du Pont recently kept her promise to her mom by taking her on an exciting trip to the beautiful Maldives.

Ahead of their trip, Du Pont hinted at their travel plans on social media and now she's sharing snippets of their amazing getaway on Instagram.

However, amidst the scenic beauty of the Maldives, let's pause for a moment to admire her on point physique.

The actress has been proudly flaunting her toned body. Through each post, she demonstrates that her hard work in the gym is paying off, inspiring her followers with her commitment to health and wellness.

As @Simphiwe Ngema commented: “Listen, I need to get myself that body🔥🔥🔥 what??? I’m inspired.”

In addition to her fitness updates, Du Pont generously shared glimpses of her mother in her social media updates, capturing the sheer joy as they soaked up the sun on their fabulous getaway.

Every picture they take, whether it's of sandy beaches or fancy hotels, screams joy and togetherness.

It's the ultimate mother-daughter vibe, captured in every shot. You can practically feel the love and connection between them, giving followers serious travel envy.


She shared another image of her mother on a lounge chair, enjoying the vacation, wearing some snorkelling gear.

“Guys, my queen is happy… Literally the world for you, mama,” Amanda wrote on Instagram.


Another celebrity living their best life as a new wife is TV personality Jeannie D, who was recently seen in Costa Rica.

She took to Instagram to write: “Nosara is Costa Rica’s top destination for yoga and surfing! Homes, hotels, and restaurants are top-notch and cater to a health-conscious clientele of yogis, avid surfers, and adventurous families! Loving it!”

“Sunsets in Costa Rica are the sweetest kisses from nature 🫶🏼🩷🇨🇷,” she wrote in another post.