Clever travel hacks that will change the way you travel this holiday season

Arrive early. Picture: Pexels/Victor Freitas

Arrive early. Picture: Pexels/Victor Freitas

Published Dec 20, 2023


Travelling like a seasoned pro is not an overnight miracle. It comes with definite hardships and the trickiest of situations. Want an easy way out? Simple.

To save the day from many likely travel disasters, you will need this list of handy travel hacks.

These travel hacks will make the journey less stressful and your vacation a whole lot more peaceful.

Search for discounts when booking. Picture: Pexels/Julia M Cameron

Search for discounts when booking

No one wants to pay full price if they do not have to. The same hotel can have a different nightly rate depending on how you book so use comparison sites to get the best deal.

Before booking tours and activities, Google the name of the activity followed by “discount code”.

It is worth spending a few minutes to find a coupon and save some money. It all adds up when you are travelling.

Tweet your travel troubles

Dialling the airline to report a problem is ironically useless and takes forever to resolve. X is a godsend in these cases!

This social networking tool does not put you on hold and gets the attention of the airlines like no other. Freely tweet issues like flight delays, missing frequent flyer points, and more.

Sometimes, the response is faster than what you would get at the airport customer service counter.

Arrive early. Picture: Pexels/Victor Freitas

Arrive early

Getting to the airport hours before your flight is almost always a good idea, but it is even more important during the holiday season.

Travel regulations and short-staffed airports and airlines can lead to long lines when checking bags or going through security, so it is best to arrive early.

Make use of public transport and walk

Not every city in the world is graced with fantastic public transport links, but if you are in a place where the transport systems are well connected, you have no logical reason for using Uber and other cab services.

Larger cities often offer discount travel through travel cards. Walking is a fun way to discover hidden gems and explore the destination with complete freedom.

Buy a portable phone charger. Picture: Pexels/Steve Johnson

Buy a portable phone charger

Nowadays, portable chargers are super affordable and worth every rand. Don’t miss out on photo opportunities on day trips because your battery has gone flat.