DJ Rob Forbes shares his top travel tips to the paradise island of Zanzibar

The Yoga Bar in Zanzibar. l SUPPLIED

The Yoga Bar in Zanzibar. l SUPPLIED

Published Feb 8, 2024


The nice thing about being a musician is that you get to travel. Musicians are usually booked to perform in different cities, allowing them to explore as they work.

Jacaranda FM’s DJ Rob Forbes recently went on a tropical adventure with his partner and fellow radio personality, Leah Jazz.

Following a successful trip to Zanzibar, Tanzania, the DJ shared his top tips for anyone planning to visit the African paradise shortly.

Some of his trip highlights include spending two nights at the Tembo House Hotel, visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site that has been inhabited for over 1 000 years and delicious food at the vibrant Forodhani Night Market.

If you wish to visit Zanzibar’ these are his top three places to try out.

Culinary delights at Forodhani Night Market

Every trip must include delicious food. It’s important for a tourist to try out the country’s famous dishes, and Forbes did that at the Forodhani Night Market.

The market is run by a multitude of chefs who offer delectable treats, including fresh seafood and Zanzibari Pizza.

What’s nice about the market is that you can negotiate meal prices.

Tranquil days in Kiwengwa

Zanzibar is not just about the blue waters on the island; it also has villages. One of the most famous villages is Kiwengwa, which is serene and perfect for connection with nature.

It is surrounded by Palm trees, has a Yoga Bar and is great for networking with locals.

Wasanii art in Zanzibar. l SUPPLIED

Crystal-clear waters

Almost everyone who visit Zanzibar wants to experience the blue waters. But there’s more to the water than what you see on the surface.

You can go on an underwater adventure, such as snorkelling with The Safari Blue. The crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life are some of Zanzibar's aquatic treasures – and reason why the destination sees travellers from all over the world flocking to the island.

According to Forbes, no trip to Zanzibar is complete without enjoying the island’s beautiful waters.