Pentravel gets travel industry seal of approval after joining ASATA

Figuring out where to go has become much easier as ASATA announces new member, Pentravel. Picture: Unsplash

Figuring out where to go has become much easier as ASATA announces new member, Pentravel. Picture: Unsplash

Published Jan 17, 2024


The Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA) has welcomed major retailer Pentravel as a member to the association.

ASATA helps shape policies and regulations for the growth of the travel sector not only locally but internationally through its work with the World Travel Agents Association Alliance, which will now also benefit Pentravel.

As the leading travel trade association in the region, representing over 90% of southern Africa’s travel sector, ASATA works actively on behalf of its members advocating on their behalf with regulatory bodies, travel suppliers and organisations like IATA which directly impact the health of the sector.

“We are delighted to welcome Pentravel, a respected leader in South Africa’s travel sector.

“Together with our member network, I am confident we will continue advancing professionalism and trust across the regional travel sector while providing quality guidance enabling more unforgettable journeys ahead,” said ASATA CEO, Otto de Vries.

According to De Vries, by joining ASATA, Pentravel now benefits from the training opportunities, market insights and networking opportunities that the association’s members enjoy.

“Whether an emerging trend, industry news or the evolution of travel and consumer preferences, we ensure members have meaningful access to these insights,” said De Vries.

The CEO added that ASATA membership signifies trusted, ethical standards from businesses carrying its logo and that membership enhances a company’s reputation while letting customers book with confidence, knowing ASATA members meet strict standards and follow a code of conduct.

“ASATA membership signifies a stamp of quality. A respected travel company like Pentravel’s commitment to adhering to ASATA’s strict standards and code of conduct sends a powerful message about the credibility of travel advisers and their commitment to travellers,” said De Vries.

Also commenting on its membership, Pentravel CEO Paulo de Oliveira said that ASATA plays a pivotal role in contributing to a strong, transparent and dynamic travel services industry.

“As Pentravel celebrates 40 years, we are excited to partner with ASATA and industry colleagues to grow South African travel responsibly,” said De Oliveira.