Three friends road tripping from London to CT are back on the road after being stuck in Ivory Coast forest

A group of men trying to assist in rescuing Edna out of the mud in a forest in Ivory Coast. Picture: Instagram

A group of men trying to assist in rescuing Edna out of the mud in a forest in Ivory Coast. Picture: Instagram

Published May 3, 2024


Besties Karen, James and Spence are finally back on the road and travelling again after being stuck in a remote forest in Côte D’Ivoire.

The group set out on an ambitious task of travelling from London to Cape Town on their 4x4 Toyota Hilux, Edna, and have been documenting the journey road tripping through the West Coast of Africa.

Their journey to South Africa passing one country at a time is documented on Instagram and has attracted thousands of followers across platforms including TikTok and X.

On day 38 of the trio’s trip, Edna got stuck in the mud whilst they were driving in a remote jungle in the francophone country.

“We noticed the roads were getting more muddy and we even had to go through bodies of water. Suddenly we felt Edna slip, we couldn’t move forward nor backwards. We were stuck in mud,” said Karen.

She went on to reveal that they spent much of the night of day 38 working through mud trying to release a captured Edna.

The trio were forced to camp on the road in the forest in the dead of the night after failing to get the 4x4 out.

In the morning of day 39, they were fortunate to be woken up by a passers-by on motorcycle who ended up calling for back up from a nearby village and a strong force of men who helped in Edna’s rescue mission.

“We up at 6.30am to the sound of a motorcycle honk and a sunken Edna. Two local men stopped the bikes and curiously walked around Edna. We were so tired we barely even had an hour of sleep.

“They asked what happened and if we needed any help. They must’ve sensed our hopelessness. We were desperate for help, so we said yes and thanked them,” said Karen.

After being assisted by the men, the trio thanked the men with food and left the forest to continue on their journey. Their last update showed them crossing into Ghana.

The whole ordeal left many netizens following their journey on the edge of their seats and stricken with worry for the pair.

Commenting on day 38’s video, @booradley_za, said: “Traveling at night on roads you don't know is gona give you a lot of unfortunate content...”

Another Instagram user, @rachelj989, said: “At this point I'm wondering if you're getting yourselves in continuous trouble just for the views ... Honestly, even poor african countries have half decent roads where you wouldn't get trapped in the mud.

“Like, seriously, guys, you're all doctors, you're supposed to know better to stay out of trouble.

“Are you really that reckless, did you not do any research at all? I'm really concerned about your safety and that at some point of the journey you might get attacked by wildlife.”

Whilst @lindaharlemcarter said: “Guys you don't know how much these 3 strangers from the internet really stresses me out. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.”