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Monday, December 11, 2023

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WATCH: American content creator issues an apology after saying that Africans live in ‘woods and trees’

A picture of the Johannesburg city skyline during the day. Picture: Unsplash

A picture of the Johannesburg city skyline during the day. Picture: Unsplash

Published Oct 9, 2023


YouTuber and content creator, Anthony O’Neal took to social media platforms TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, to apologise to Africans after going viral for making ignorant comments about the continent.

In the first video, O’ Neal said that when he has a child, he will take them to the motherland so they can see how blessed they are since Africans live in woods and trees.

He continued: “When I watched that clip and I went back to my show and I watched the full context of the show, I’m completely disappointed in my words.

“I am completely apologetic to my African brothers and sisters because that was a completely immature, a very distasteful comment for me to make.”

O’Neal also said it was not his intent to disrespect the motherland and it will not happen again.

“I was disappointed in myself and I wanted to come on here and just apologise for saying something that crazy about my culture. And here’s the thing guys, I know for a fact that my Africans are not living in that.

“I think I was speaking too fast. I said something that was inaccurate and I didn’t catch it and I just wanted to come here and not make any excuses,” he said in his apology.

O’Neal said that some of the videos made in response to him were very educational and educated him on what’s happening in Africa.

“I just want my African brothers and sisters to know that I love you all. And thank you for calling me out on something that was inaccurate for me to say, and as a black man, I need to represent the motherland better,” added O’Neal.

He also revealed that he has already booked a trip and will be visiting the continent next year.

“I can’t wait to learn about everything in Africa. To learn about every aspect so I can come back and better represent our community, better represent our heritage and our community,” said O’Neal.

Commenting on his apology, Diallo Smith on Instagram, said: “This is really good. I think it opens up a bigger conversation about the Black Diaspora. Because even though you said what you said about Africans, as Black Americans we can sometimes forget we are also AFRICANS.

“Meaning, the comments and sentiments to our family is a form of self-hate that should be taken more seriously. Thank you for your accountability.”

TikTok user, Solfuljunior, said: “I forgive you my brother, come to South Africa and experience ubuntu.”