WATCH: Australian actress Rebel Wilson shares experience of living in SA and receives backlash from TikTok users

Australian comedian and actress, Rebel Wilson. Picture: Instagram

Australian comedian and actress, Rebel Wilson. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 10, 2024


AUSTRALIAN comedian and actress Rebel Wilson lived in South Africa and has an Afrikaans accent to prove it.

The actress sat down for an interview with This Morning UK co-hosts Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley and revealed she had lived in South Africa for a year.


Ever wondered how global superstar Rebel Wilson rose to stardom? After nearly losing her life in South Africa, Rebel describes the moment that changed the whole trajectory of her life.

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According to Wilson, she thought she would get “The Lion King” experience and be singing in the bush with warthog Pumbaa. However, that was not the case.

“Yeah, I felt like it was gonna be like ‘The Lion King’. Turns out nothing like ‘The Lion King’, the actress joked.

When Deeley asked Wilson about Johannesburg, the actress said: “Yeah, back in the day, yeah, very dangerous place.

“A country that was very full of beauty and majestic. Like one time I climbed a mountain and then I saw wild baboons at the top of the mountains while the sun was rising. Like stuff like that, incredible,” said Wilson.

She also revealed that the experience of seeing animals in their natural habitat was incredible. However, she ended up getting sick.

“And then I ended up getting malaria and almost dying but that led to me to becoming an actress. I had this hallucination that I was an actress when I was in hospital and that changed the whole trajectory of my life,” said Rebel.

A clip of the actress speaking on her experience of Mzansi was posted on the show’s TikTok page and, of course, South Africans found their way to the comments section to share their views on Rebel’s experience.

TikTok user @noxda1 said: “In all my 34 years I've never had or even met someone who has had malaria in SA 😭😭😭😭.”

Another user, @the_immigration_lady, said: “😳😳Really ? Which South Africa did you visit.”

@_twakstar_ said: “Moral of the story: Come visit South Africa 🇿🇦 It'll change your life!”

While @zeenatrossouw said: “Haibo😳 Malaria in Jozi? 😂😂😂i never heard such a thing in my life. but then ive never seen a pumba, timon or baboon. i must be in a different south africa.”