WATCH: Cruise ship employee breaks down what happens on a cruise ship during a storm

Clouds form in the background as a ship navigates through calm waters. Picture: Unsplash

Clouds form in the background as a ship navigates through calm waters. Picture: Unsplash

Published Apr 25, 2024


WEATHER conditions have a huge impact on travel plans. When you’re flying you might come into some turbulence, but have you ever wondered what happens when travelling on a cruise ship during a storm?

Travel content creator Amber Olivia, who has also worked on cruise ships, took to social media platform TikTok to share a video on how cruise ships weather stormy seas.

According to Olivia, when a cruise ship is going through a storm, everything is super rocky.

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“The ship is rocking and rolling. We have to make sure that everything is tired down so everyone is not going all over the place.

“We literally empty the pools because the water out the pool just splashes out everywhere. If you have portholes in your cabin, they literally get locked up. I don’t know why, maybe water can come in,” said Olivia.

She revealed that inanimate objects on the ship come alive due to the impact of the ship navigating through rough waters.

Olivia also mentioned that during this time, there are also sick bags placed all over the ship as a lot of people are prone to getting seasick.

“I’ve worked at sea for like four years now and I still get seasick,” said Olivia.

She asked her social media followers how they would react to a ship during a storm.

Commenting on this, TikTok user @nonto4real commented: “you would never find me dead in a cruise ship🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

Another user, @jacquelinep.p.20, said: “I can't even go on smooth sailing ship without sea sickness, no chance of this lol.”

@craigwright905 said: “I think id love it, especially the bad crossings 😁.”

@obzi77 said: “I never get seasick even when everyone else is throwing up, I’m a paraglider and maybe just I’ve got used to being thrown around.”