WATCH: New fear unlocked as netizens react to cruise ship braving rough seas

A cruise ship travelling on a cloudy day. Picture: Unsplash

A cruise ship travelling on a cloudy day. Picture: Unsplash

Published May 28, 2024


With the advent of social media, there are no secrets when it comes to travellers making an informed choice about their travel preferences.

According to social media users, cruising is not for everyone and most travellers do not want to experience stormy seas.

This comes after social media user, @PicturesFolder on X, shared a video of a cruise ship travelling through rough seas.

He captioned it: “This is why I would never go on a cruise.”

— non aesthetic things (@PicturesFoIder) May 27, 2024

In the video, a couple shared their experience of being on the ship as it tried to remain buoyant during a storm.

The couple were seen defying gravity as they stood in slanted positions while objects fell off tables due to the rocky nature of the ship.

“It’s the fact that we’re staring down at the water, instead of it being under,” said the man motioning outside their suites window reflecting a rough blue ocean.

The woman in the video then proceeded to show her difficulty in maintaining balance.

The video has left social media users stunned, with many revealing that cruising is not their first choice of holiday and they would elect not to experience it all out of fear.

— Enlightenment (@yesknow) May 27, 2024

@yesknow, said: “And they say a cruise is supposed to be relaxing.”

Another user, @Alisha12287, said: “Pretty sure id be in the bathroom with the door locked.”

@AdeleKThomas, said: “Putting me on a cruise ship would be torture. Awful.”

While daredevil @RolyFoe, said: “I haven’t been on a cruise yet but I feel I’ll sleep so good in these conditions😂.”