WATCH: SA is a paradise, says African-American teacher who moved to Mzansi

The city of Cape Town at sunrise promises new beginnings for some. Picture: Unsplash

The city of Cape Town at sunrise promises new beginnings for some. Picture: Unsplash

Published Jul 2, 2024


Netizens have expressed mixed views after African-American teacher @Leahthevibe took to social media platform TikTok to share that she quit her job to move to South Africa.

She captioned her video: “POV: Quit your job as an elementary teacher & move to South Africa… Mzansi is a paradise.”

The teacher, social worker and human rights activist moved from Maryland US and is currently in Cape Town.

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She said she moved to South Africa for the dream of freedom as a member of the African diaspora who was born in America following slavery.

She also revealed that her parents came over to South Africa during apartheid to help people get free and she also helps torture survivors across the world.


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“I’m just trying to come and like be free, but I get it. All feelings about gentrification, colonialism and capitalism. I get it. That’s why I’m here. Because as much as y’all want to see me as an American, which is my nationality, I’m you.

“I’m a descendent of a stolen people and some of us don’t know where we are, all we can do is trace our names back to slave plantations and hope and pray we will ask the right questions before we lose our elders,” Leah shared.

That said, there were mixed reactions to Leah’s announcement. Here’s what some people had to say:

@mrsonkuna said: “Why mean comments from South African? So many South Africans are moving abroad, should they be treated the same? Welcome to SA sis.”

Another user, @vee_lee2, said: “Move to SA for how long??? You need to go back home at some point.”

@thami_mor said: “Move? On what visa? We need to start reporting to Home Affairs? The City of Cape Town is ungovernable.”

Leah responded: “😂😂😂 I’m an international social worker! You’re being rude to someone whose parents came over during apartheid to help people get free & I serve torture survivors across the world… This is real 😂.”

@sethu_mazwide said: “As a South African currently living in a foreign country I’m so sorry about some of these comments. Welcome to South Africa 🥂 Here’s to creating some wonderful memories.”