WATCH: SA is not that bad, says seasoned traveller

Problems exist everywhere, not just in South Africa, say travellers. Picture: Unsplash

Problems exist everywhere, not just in South Africa, say travellers. Picture: Unsplash

Published Jun 18, 2024


Many South Africans dream of moving abroad in search of greener pastures and the allure of better living conditions and safety.

However, seasoned traveller and private jeweller Nevis Sher, also @thediamondguy, has taken to the social media platform TikTok to caution would-be emigrants that it’s not always the case.


The grass isnt greener!! 🌿🌿

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“So before you complain or think that the grass is greener on the other side, this came up on my feed today,” said Sher, referring to a story about a gang ripping an ATM out of the wall in Hertfordshire county in Britain.

“Crime exists everywhere in the world and some countries have a far better PR campaign and are far better at brushing it under the carpet and not disclosing it and making it aware to the rest of the world and to the public, and they get away with it,” added Sher.

He added that South Africa also experiences its fair share of problems, including corruption, potholes, load shedding and water issues, however, these issues exist everywhere in the world.

“It’s not just us. We can’t be the victim and go South Africa is such a sh*t hole, it’s got all of these problems. All of these problems, they exist everywhere.

“I travel extensively, I’ve been fortunate, I go all around and when I come back home, I absolutely love this place. For me there is still no better place than South Africa,” said the private jeweller.

He added that when people complain, they should remember that crime exists everywhere, and reports like the Hertfordshire incident put things into perspective.

“Try to wear a fancy watch in London, you’ll get stabbed for it. You can’t wear a Rolex, you can’t wear a fancy watch in South Africa. You can’t wear a fancy watch in London, you can’t wear one in America.

“Go wear one in New York on the main streets, go wear one in Los Angeles, you’ll get robbed. Yes, we have violent crime but crime exists everywhere in the world,” said Sher.

The seasoned traveller's views sparked a conversation in the video’s comment section with some TikTok users agreeing with him.

@cindyjassonbotha said: “Good to hear this for a change instead of all the negativity!! Proudly South African 🇿🇦!! 🥳🥳.”

Another user, @blackbeardrants, said: “I was in the UK for 10 years, travelled 13 countries more than once, lived in Finland for a year with my Finnish wife. Back home now 12 years. Europe ain’t doing great, no place like home 🇿🇦🤘.”

@sis_e00 added: “A friend left South Africa 🇿🇦 to Uk 🇬🇧, within 3 months he was robbed of everything 😢.”

Whilst @justwatchingthe_tiktok disagreed and said: “@👀: The grass is mint here in Greece. I listened as I was told to go back to Europe, so I did 🤣 happier than ever here! Best of luck.”