WATCH: Self-drive safari goes wrong as lion nibbles on car tyres

Lion basking in the sun at a game reserve. Picture: System

Lion basking in the sun at a game reserve. Picture: System

Published May 27, 2024


When taking a self-safari drive, travellers are often advised that due to the nature of animals and the environment, anything can happen.

In the latest tales of the unexpected happening, a video of a game drive gone wrong has surfaced on social media.

In the video posted by @refiilwe_e on social media platform TikTok, a young lion is seen nibbling on the tyre of a VW Polo at Lion & Safari Park in the Bojanala Platinum District of the North West Province.

@refiilwe.e Self Drives are a big NO #fyp #viral #harties #birthday ♬ original sound - Bionation

The video captioned “Self Drives are a big no” has received over 4.1m views and according to Refilwe, she witnessed the incident on a visit to the park on her birthday.

In the video, the young lion, fascinated by the wheels, grasps onto the vehicles tyre and bites into it with the occupants of the vehicle safely locked inside.

The driver tries to manoeuvre away without injuring the lion. No injuries were reported due to the incident and kudos has to be given to the driver for remaining calm in the situation.

Making light of a tense situation, TikTok users shared their views on the incident.

Social media user @gigi_gilly said: “Insurance what happened:😏 me a lion ate my tyres 🛞🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

Another user, @tiisetsotw, said: “I would like to see the emails between the Polo driver and the insurance 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭.”

@iamhloni said: “I don’t know how it started but I’m certain it’s the Polo driver’s 😂😂.”

And @nemesis_topdwag said: “ok now I understand why polos are expensive to insure it’s not just desirable to hijackers but the wildlife also wants a piece of it 😂😂.”