WATCH: ‘There’s a giant snake outside my hotel room’, says TikTokker in Thailand

A king cobra found predominantly in forests from India through Southeast Asia. Picture: Unsplash

A king cobra found predominantly in forests from India through Southeast Asia. Picture: Unsplash

Published Apr 11, 2024


Imagine waking up at a hotel to find 2 giant king cobras frolicking outside your door on the lawn of your hotel room?

Well, that’s exactly the sight that TikTok content creator, Joe in Thailand (@joeinthailand), woke up to.

Joe posted a series of videos to his TikTok account sharing the joys behind waking up to the world’s most dangerous snakes at a hotel in Khao Yai National Park, Pak Chong District in Thailand.

@joeinthailand Look at the SIZE of them! 🐍😱#joeinthailand #thailand #khaoyai #snakes ♬ original sound - Joe

“My hand is shaking. I just woke up and opened the hotel curtains and I’m never going outside again. Look at this,” said Joe.

Following this, Joe points the camera to a “massive snake” on the grass with only a raised wooden patio and glass sliding door separating him from the threat.

But wait, there’s more. Not only is there one king cobra but the TikTokker soon establishes that there is another slithering friend lurking in the bush next to the door.

“And then, if you come over here in the bush, there’s another one there you can see moving around and there’s another one there and there’s a big hole that they are coming out of. Never ever going outside again,” said Joe.

Joe’s video of the family of king cobras has gone viral and reached over 6.8M views on the social media app. The TikTok content creator has also made a couple of follow up videos and shared that he was advised to close the toilet lid to prevent the snakes from coming up through the toilet.

Of course, TikTok users were in the comments section ready with varying and interesting comments.

@michaelreeser said: “don't worry. just a king cobra. it just shoots poison at your eyes from a fairly good distance. rarely bites... or rarely needs to bite 😂😂😂.”

@tmjunk wrote: “Spotting King Cobra is considered lucky (if you do not cross its path and survive). 🤣.”

@papatee08 responded: “Thank you for warning us, second country ruled out of my itinerary, 1st Australia, now Thailand. No regret.”