WATCH: TikTok users react to couple walking barefoot in snow

A couple holding hands walking through snow. Picture: Unsplash

A couple holding hands walking through snow. Picture: Unsplash

Published Jan 25, 2024


“We’re no longer going to wear shoes, even when we’re outside. I think there are so many benefits of going barefoot outside and we want to take advantage to each and everyone of these.”

Those are the words of Ohio resident content creator, Christi Fritz, who has shocked millions of people around the world by choosing to embrace nature and walk barefoot in snow during winter.


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Fritz took to TikTok to share that she and her husband have made the lifestyle choice of choosing to walk barefoot outside. The content creator’s announcement reached 8.5M views on the social media app with TikTok users reacting with concern and Fritz not concerned.

“Of course there’s going to be people that think it’s kinda crazy and look at us weird but the benefits are totally worth it,” said Fritz.

In the video, Fritz is seen walking hand in hand with her husband not wearing shoes, crossing concrete streets covered in snow and taking escalator also walking through malls sans the protection of shoes.

According to the content creator, walking barefoot “grounds” her and her husband and they feel connected to nature.

“Going barefoot can actually help you gain greater appreciation for the natural world and we’ve definitely noticed that even i the short time that we’ve done it,” she said.

Fritz also revealed that going barefoot is also part of a new year’s resolution as walking barefoot is “actually a form of foot yoga”.

“The resistance and inconsistency nature offers integrates reflexes in the foot and forms strong arches which is really important to us,” claimed Fritz.

She also claims that she has noticed that her posture has improved and that this activity has also reduced their stress.

Of course, TikTok users weren’t too convinced that this is true and shared their views on the matter.

One TikTok user, @raekmi1, questioned: “glass, frostbite, bacteria, bugs, dog feces, food and drinks that were dropped or spilled?”

Another user, @kenedismith18, asked: “r they joking or...”

Whilst @toooldtobehere said: “In the snow? I’d rather not lose my toes to frostbite thanks.”