WATCH: Toya Delazy shares experience of being profiled at Gatwick Airport

South African musician Toya Delazy. Picture: Instagram

South African musician Toya Delazy. Picture: Instagram

Published Jul 8, 2024


South African musician Toya Delazy is happy to be out and jogging after a distressing incident with airport authorities at a British airport.

According to the muso, who lives in the United Kingdom, she was racially profiled while travelling at Gatwick Airport. The “My City” hitmaker recorded the incident and shared the video on her social media account on Instagram.

In the video captioned, “I need help Gatwick Airport guys someone please help. ASAP f*ck sake”, the Afrorave artist shared her experience at the airport.

“I’m at the airport and once again, I’ve been profiled. I put through my bags like everybody else, they got checked. Nothing was found wrong,” said Delazy.

She also revealed that the airport authorities confiscated her passport without providing a reason for doing so.

In the video, the visibly distressed musician asked for assistance while being approached by one of the authorities, who told her that she was not allowed to film at the airport.

“This is for support because everyone in Africa must see what you guys are doing to Africans here. I need help guys. I’m a black woman at Gatwick airport. I need help. No, no, no, I’m not switching off anything because then what are you going to do,” she said.

Delazy solicited the help of her friends in dealing with the incident.

“@pete_archerr humiliating being handled by toothless racists on minimum wage they make it extra uncomfortable.”

She added : “Obviously a Afrikaaner Dutch mentality here, we pray for your healing, the world your ancestors promised you is a lie, you will never make victims out of this generation, it ends with us.”

Commenting on the post, @jwhite031, said: “Sorry that you have to experience this my friend. You are stronger than all of these obstacles in your path. For you to even be travelling doing what you love?

“As a black woman from South Africa. You’re gonna get haters and situations like these on your journey. Try to remain calm and stick to your guns. I’m embarrassed to be a white. Sending you love sister ❤️.”

Another user, @londonspringbok, said: “If you keep getting profiled maybe you are the problem not the colour of your skin. Stop turning everything into being profiled.

“You are filming inside a security restricted area I would be escorting you back out the airport which they have done to many people of all races in the past for doing just that.”

In a separate post on X, Delazy revealed that she got her passport back after being asked by a follower for an update.

— AFRO-RAVE ☥ (@ToyaDelazy) July 5, 2024

“Yes we got it back after I called my drummer who is a white tall guy in his 40s crazy how that passport came out very fast and they didn’t tell me why they took it. It’s disgusting,” she said.