What you should and shouldn’t wear during long flights

Always wear comfortable clothes when travelling. Picture: Pexels.

Always wear comfortable clothes when travelling. Picture: Pexels.

Published Feb 27, 2024


Remember in 2020 when loungewear became a trend because most people were locked in their houses? Well, this year, airport fashion is a talking point because more people are open to travelling.

When travelling, especially long distances, it’s important to choose comfortable clothes for the journey ahead.

What you shouldn’t do:


Don’t wear heavy make-up because chances are, you are probably going to take a nap and we all know that it’s not healthy to sleep with make-up on.

Instead, if you have dark spots and you want to cover them, opt for a BB (blemish balm) cream. It’s great for coverage but is nothing like a foundation.

Avoid heavy make-up when travelling. Picture: Pexels.


Jeans are uncomfortable even when you are at home, now imagine when flying long distance? You don’t want to do that to yourself.

Skinny jeans are worse because they are so tight on your body and when travelling you need something loose so that your body can at least breathe a little.

Jeans and Converse All Star are not recommended for long flights. Picture: File.

Heavy coat

It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling to the coldest country, wearing a coat on a long flight is not necessary. Instead, carefully fold it, put it in your hand luggage and wear it as soon as you get off the plane.

Save that coat and heals for when you get off the plane. Picture: Pexels.


You’re not a flight attendant, so what are heels for? If there’s anything you should be wearing on your feet are Crocs or slippers.

What you should do:

Light jacket or jersey

Do pack a light jacket or jersey to keep you warm, especially if you don’t like the free fleece that airlines offer.

A lightweight sweater is great for travelling. Picture: Pexels.


You can wear sneakers if you want but make sure it's your most comfortable pair and nothing like Converse All-Star.

Always wear comfortable sneakers when travelling. Picture: Pexels.


You can wear tights because, unlike jeans, their material sits well on the skin. However, the best option is loose pants or joggers.

Jogger pants are great for travelling. Picture: Pexels.


A wristwatch is okay. What’s not advisable is heavy jewellery, save that for your destination.

A wristwatch is okay when travelling. Picture: Pexels.

Pro tip: Don’t forget your headphones, power bank and a book in your hand luggage because you’re going to need them.