This Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018 image provided by NOAA shows Hurricane Lane south of Hawaii. Hurricane Lane was forecast to continue its northwest turn into the islands Thursday. (NOAA via AP)

WHILE reporting on a major hurricane that is heading for Hawaii, a BBC reporter found himself under a fallen tree.

Torrential rain is pouring down on the United States island, and US president Donald Trump has declared the region to be in a state of emergency.

Several news crews, including the BBC, have since set-up shop in Hawaii to report on the developing ‘Hurricane Lane’.

As reporter James Cook, was delivering a radio report, a crashing noise can be heard in the background.

A report on the BBC website read: “The BBC's James Cook had a lucky escape after a tree hit him as he delivered a radio report about Hurricane Lane in Hawaii. Cook suffered no injuries, but his laptop was destroyed. Listen to his report…”

Cook escaped without injuries, but his laptop, which would have contained valuable information was destroyed.

The BBC reports that schools and offices in Hawaii have been closed as residents are taking shelter from the storm.

Earlier on Thursday the storm was downgraded to category three strength.

Alex Gibbs of the National Weather Service’s Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu, told the New York Times: “A hurricane of this magnitude so close to Hawaii is “a very rare event.”

Roads have been closed due to the landslides and photographs of cars attempting to cross over the deep water have been posted on social media.

United Airlines said it had cancelled all Friday flights to and from the main airports on Maui, the second-largest island.