Is December 31, 2021, the end of Covid lockdown?

By Time of article published Aug 24, 2021

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Ricardo Maarman

NOW that the CDC (US Centre of Disease Control) has announced it will withdraw the PCR test (currently used to determine Covid-19 status) after December 31, 2021, because it is unreliable, what happens next and what does it all mean?

This announcement opens a can of worms. Where does it leave those who relied upon and those who fought against the PCR test? More importantly, where does it leave the average person?

Let’s begin at the beginning, Dr Kary Mullis, the Nobel prize-winner in chemistry and inventor of PCR testing, said the PCR test should not be used to detect viruses and diagnose diseases, it was never meant for that. Sadly, he died (on August 7, 2019) just before the outbreak of the “PCR pandemic”.

PCR testing nonetheless continues to form the basis of the “pandemic”: it determines infection and death rates; which in turn determine the “waves of infection”; which in turn determines the lockdown levels and which is now driving the push for mandatory vaccinations.

Governments the world over, including the President Cyril Ramaphosa regime, rely on the PCR test as an unquestionable scientific authority, in whose name wholesale limitations on rights and freedoms are being imposed.

Even those who seemingly “oppose” these restrictions have relied upon the unreliability of the PCR test as the crux of their class action lawsuits directed at the government, which if successful, taxpayers will have to foot the bill. Does the withdrawal of the PCR test mean the carpet has been ripped from underneath all of them?

Unfortunately, the PCR method is being replaced by the Multiplex method, so the Ramaphosas of the world can continue their reign of “scientific terror”.

Those who based their legal challenges on the PCR will now have to switch to the Multiplex method. The introduction of the new method should answer the question, PCR testing will be withdrawn on December 31, 2021, but the lockdown will continue, it has become the “new normal”.

Let's take another step back: what are the PCR test and soon the Multiplex method testing for, when there is no virus?

The SARS-Cov-2 virus has never been isolated and purified, meaning it has never been separated from all other substances to stand-alone as it were nor has it been cleansed of all contaminants, anywhere in the world, by anyone.

In a nutshell, it has never been proven to exist. How does one test for something the existence of which hasn’t been proven, in the first place?

This means the entire global superstructure of the “pandemic” and the lockdowns are all based on a figment of the popular imagination, mass hysteria. A popular delusion held in place, by deference to “scientific authority” even if it is unreliable, because “Don’t you believe in science or are you a religious nut!” “People are dying” they say, and that proves there must be a virus.

It doesn’t matter anymore that there are many causes of death and thus a dead body cannot logically only mean Covid-19. Surely an unreliable PCR test without an autopsy proves nothing. “People are getting sick” they say, surely that makes it real.

There are many causes of human disease and the Covid-19 diagnosis is based on the unreliable PCR test.

Others argue, “So you don’t believe in HIV?” even though HIV is not the basis of the lockdowns, nor does it make sense to argue that one virus proves them all, surely each virus should be tested on its own. The whole world is under lockdown, that makes it right, doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t, that’s why it is called mass hysteria and a popular delusion!

This mass hysteria and popular delusion that is going on is caused in the first place by misplaced trust and driven by ongoing betrayal and intimidation. There are many “trusted ones”, doctors, scientists, the media, religious leaders, business leaders, leaders of opposition parties, celebrities etc.

All of them keep faith with Ramaphosa and he in turn with the WHO (World Health Organisation). It all started there, misplaced trust, which was built over many years, primed for this moment it seems.

This magic spell that grips the world is the result of an incremental and gradual loss of morality and truth, until a blatant lie can fool almost the entire world. The PCR test is being withdrawn because it is unreliable. This should be earth-shattering news, but it is received without even a whimper. This is only possible when the whole world has lost its heart and mind.

Is this just an honest mistake, human folly, that’s it? To determine whether a crime has been committed, we must consider intent or better yet a motive and opportunity. Let’s start with the question of who benefits? The United Nations was always set on establishing and maintaining a global order.

The WHO was always bent on controlling global public health.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was always intent on indebting the nations of the globe. Ramaphosa has always been eager for wealth and power. The South African Parliament has always been hell-bent on getting their perks, protecting the president, and advancing vested interests.

The SARB (South African Reserve Bank) and the banking system has always been intent on indebting the nation and seizing its assets. The big-business monopolies were always intent on driving out the competition and consolidating their monopolies.

The monopolies that control the media have always been intent on being the only eyes and ears of the people, jealousy censoring all else. All the above is unfolding, spurred on by the unreliable PCR test and they are all benefiting from this mass hysteria and popular delusion. This gives them the motive, but what about the opportunity and the means?

The UN, through its treaty agreements in the name of global peace, holds all the nations of the world under its sway. The WHO as an agency of the UN responsible for global health through treaty agreements, empowered by the “PCR Pandemic”, sits at the pinnacle of global health with nations at its feet.

The UN was given control of our national policies, that’s why we have NDP2030 and the whole world has a 2030 plan.

South Africans, we need to ask the tough questions. Show us the virus? Why is the PCR test withdrawal only on December 31, 2021, what happens to the Covid stats from now until December 31, 2021? Why didn’t WHO, at the onset, pay heed to the inventor of the PCR test?

Why are people getting vaccinated and even talk of mandatory vaccinations? What happens now about those who have died and suffered because of these measures and these vaccines? Our economy has been wilfully decimated, and our nation terrorised by Ramaphosa’s statistical sleight of hand using the PCR test.

It cannot be business as usual; our country is captured! We must petition each other to wake up and urgently act together, or all will be lost in a flood of delusion and hysteria. We must petition the Constitutional Court to declare our nation captured by those already mentioned, asking them to vacate their positions of vested power voluntarily, or order the president to call a referendum, to force them out!

* Ricardo Maarman is an activist. On May 27, 2021, Maarman approached the High Court of South Africa in a landmark case requesting the government to produce proof of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in its isolated and purified form. The case was struck off the roll. He is now preparing a case for the Constitutional Court.

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