DA leader Helen Zille. Photo: Dumisani Dube

Cape Town - Premier Helen Zille launched a scathing attack on ANC MPLs as she rubbished opposition criticism to her state of the province address in the provincial legislature on Thursday.

In her response to the debate on the State of the Province address, Zille, said the opposition continued to raise baseless old “hoary issues” while coming up with only one valid criticism of the DA administration.

“The only valid criticism of this administration after four to five years in office is one word that I used in one Tweet, once only, and for which I had apologised.

“There is no other valid criticism in anyone of their speeches. None of them holds water,” she said, referring to her controversial refugee remark about people from the Eastern Cape.

Zille lambasted ANC MPL Max Ozinsky as she delivered what she called his political obituary.

She said his days in the legislature were numbered: “I feel genuine pity for the honourable Ozinsky, he is the only member of the opposition who has given this government a run for its money in this term of office… The honourable Mr Ozinsky is the only person who’s acted as an opposition in this house during this five years.

“He won’t be coming back… Because that is how it works in the ANC… The quality of your work is completely irrelevant.”

And referring to the ANC’s nomination list processes, Zille said the only criteria for getting on to a list of the ANC is whether the person who dispenses patronage likes you or not.

Taking a swipe at ANC provincial chairman Marius Fransman, Zille said the struggle stalwarts on the ANC’s side of the house would be gone after the elections “to make way for someone that we (the DA) were told did not know who President Mandela was when he was released from jail”.

Zille said that apart from it being very unfair for the ANC to keep its lists from voters, it was equally unfair to hide it from ANC members.

“The only person in the ANC that we know for sure is standing for the election is the honourable President Jacob Zuma.

“Nobody knows who the ANC’s premier candidates are, nobody knows who is on their lists and I really feel sorry for the honourable members on the other side because it must be terrible to be in such insecurity. To be in limbo,” she said.

Zille also compared the ANC’s use of the race card to that of the Oyster card used on the London underground, saying “wherever you want to go, whatever argument they want to make and whatever gravy train they want to catch, they just use the race card and it’s a free pass to anywhere”.

Tackling the leader of the opposition in the legislature, Lynne Brown, on her claims that the Western Cape government was taking credit for the delivery of pro jects by national government, including the Saldanha Bay industrial development zone,

Zille said the opposition used false logic – that just because the money comes from the national government that it is all ANC money.

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