Winning the awafor the movie White Gold are Sudan Singh,actress Teery Pheto,US Film Producer Euzhan Palce,Dinesh Naidoo,MEC for Economic Development Mike Mabhuyakulu and Jayan Moodley.PHOTO:RAJESH JANTILAL

WHITE Gold, a five-year-old movie that commemorated the arrival of indentured labourers to South Africa, is still winning awards.

It won an award for best feature film shot in KwaZulu- Natal at the KZN Film Commission Awards at the Durban ICC on Sunday.

Scriptwriter Jayan Moodley of Chatsworth was over the moon.

“We are very excited about winning the award and even more excited that the movie has come to the fore again.

“This year we will celebrate 155 years since indentured labourers came to South Africa and this movie is a tribute to our forefathers.

“It is important that their story is never forgotten, and this is a reminder to the young people about the hurdles they overcame.”

Released on the big screen on November 16, 2010, White Gold follows the story of four friends who left South India for a better life in South Africa.

The friends, according to Moodley, envisioned South Africa as a place where “gold grew on trees like chillies”.

“However, on their arrival they faced a sad reality.

“They had basically sold themselves into slavery and White Gold shows what some of the women went through, the high suicide rate and the huge sacrifices made to pave the way for future generations.”

When asked why it was winning awards five years later, Moodley said his team had been approached by the KZN Film Commission to submit the movie this year.

Dinesh Naidoo, the owner of Serendipity Tours and producer of White Gold, said he was thrilled that both KZN and the movie were being recognised.

The movie was directed by Paul Railton.

Lead roles are played by Mishqah Parthiephal and Madhushan Singh.

The cast also includes Vignesh Sankarran, Rory Booth and Dean O’Brian Chetty.