Palestinians celebrate after Palestinian prisoners ended a hunger strike over their conditions in Israeli jails, in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Picture: Reuters
Gerald Steinburg’s article cannot be allowed to pass without an appropriate response, writes Ebrahim Sullivan.

His argument that the Palestinian hunger strikers are convicted terrorists must be dismissed with its deserving contempt.

The illegitimate Zionist regime and its courts do not endorse internationally accepted justice. The fact that the armed prisoners resisted the Zionist occupation, for which they are convicted, is not terrorism.

Shannon Ebrahim’s comparisons between Palestinian strikers and the anti-apartheid strikes is absolutely correct.There is no misleading assertion. Steinburg’s arguments are misleading and they give rise to the de-educating strategies against the masses, and subject them to learned ignorance.

Israeli-Zionist Palestinian occupiers are victims of resistance and, as such, deserve its consequences. There is no space for dialogue since the Oslo Accord – dialogue cannot advance in the face of building settlements on Palestinian Land, occupied by brute force.

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