Thabo Mbeki

Whether or not Power FM head honcho Given Mkhari acquitted himself well during his interview with former president Thabo Mbeki is immaterial.
What matters is that he brought the Mbeki perspective into the public arena.

And if the buzz on social media is anything to go by, it is clear that many have been hankering to hear what Mbeki thinks of the current state of the nation.

Since his acrimonious exit from public life, Mbeki has elected to keep his views to himself. He has a sizeable number of followers and an equally significant horde of detractors who illustrated their love or hate in their Twitter posts and Facebook exultations and rants. The AMPS figures will show Power FM did really well with this interview.

That television station eNCA chose to do a rerun of the interview points to the soundness of the editorial genius of Mkhari to suss out Mbeki.

Whether we like it or not such an interview will almost invariably induce a comparison of the two periods on either side of Polokwane 2007.

What we, the electorate, make of it is really no skin off Mbeki’s nose.

The Subday Independent