Father's Day is meant to celebrate great dads. Picture: Reuters
Thanks to the misogynists responsible for the rise of women and child abuse, the role of men in society has come under increasing scrutiny and attack, writes Don Makatile.

Good men – and there are many, like those honoured today on Father’s Day – have been tainted by those louts who beat women and look at children as sex objects.

It is a regrettable state of affairs. But as we raise a toast to those men who fit snugly into the definition of what a father should be, remember those who have jettisoned their responsibility. The quest to reposition the man, father, husband, brother and uncle at the head of the family needs all hands on deck.

Our girls need a father to help her negotiate challenges like unwanted pregnancies and peer pressure. Our boys need to be re-socialised away from abuse, and no one is better suited to do that than a dad. The best gift any father can give to those who wish him well today is to reclaim his glory as a parent.

The world needs fathers with their eyes on the ball. Happy Father’s Day to you, gentlemen. It is in your nature to be as chivalrous, courteous and honourable as God has made you, and this is an honour not to be taken lightly. 

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