ANC celebrates its birthday in Mbombela

ANC celebrates its birthday in Mbombela. Picture: Goitsemang Matlhabe

ANC celebrates its birthday in Mbombela. Picture: Goitsemang Matlhabe

Published Jan 13, 2024


DESPITE the ANC's litany of plaguing issues, with factions being the most talked about, the party is expected to put up a united front in the face of their supporters today.

For some, the 112th birthday celebrations are more than just a pleasant occasion that brings the party together - it is also an opportunity to reflect on the work done so far.

It is no secret that the party division and factions have made some of its members lose hope in the party as cracks continue to deepen, prompting many to leave.

While it paints the town green and yellow, a major question that has been raised is challenging the work that has been done by the party to effect change in South Africa after years of leading.

This includes showing visibility in some marginalized areas that seem far to reach, yet are tainted by waves of disturbances.

Independent Media has learned that while the province boasts a rich heritage that attracts people from different walks of life, the destitute areas portray a grim picture of the quality of leadership at the helm.

Having visited the core of Mpumalanga and getting a clear view of the livelihoods of many residents in areas such as eNtokozweni, Mbombela, and eMakhazeni, among others, paints a grim picture.

Some of the burning issues include unemployment, service delivery, local economic reconstruction and recovery, clean administration, good governance, unemployment, and access to higher education.

With undying supporters who will travel from different corners of the country, all eyes will be on the party to give hope just a few months ahead of the elections.

The start of the week saw a buzz of activities as ANC members got their hands full with activities that eventually led to the big day.

During one of the events leading to the January 8 statement, ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula spoke about jobs and said, “Job creation is one of our key projects for social transformation. We are creating jobs and also creating an enabling environment for job creation." | Sunday Independent