ANCYL: Sex as means to ascend into positions of power

ANCYL: the high cost of ascendancy. Picture: File

ANCYL: the high cost of ascendancy. Picture: File

Published Jan 13, 2024


As the ANC gathers in Mbombela Mpumalanga to celebrate 112 years since the party’s founding, social media is fiery about homosexual sex being used to ‘promote’ cadres of the Youth League in Mpumalanga.

A member of the Youth League in Mpumalanga went to Tik Tok to ventilate his concerns with many members of the league supporting his exposè.

In the 34 seconds-long TikTok video which has gone viral in recent weeks, the man alleged that there were no opportunities within the youth league in the province, and that the only way to get ahead within the organisation was to allow older party members to sleep with them.

According an online dictionary Mzansitaal, Matanyula is slang for anal or male-to-male sexual intercourse.

"If you want opportunities in Mpumalanga, you have to give up your anus. Once you give old people your anus, that is when you will get opportunities and be able to fly high within the ANCYL in Mpumalanga and occupy positions," he alleged.

"We shouldn't be scared to talk about these things, we should voice it out that if they do not get your anus, you will not be heard," he alleged.

The youth league, however, has dismissed the video and the allegations as nothing more than “baseless and untrue rumours”.

"These are baseless and untrue rumours which are unfortunate and unfair to the hard work that is done by members of the ANCYL to revive the organisation and champion the interests of young people," said ANCYL spokesperson Zama Khanyase.

Khanyase said leaders in the league were identified by branch members who took into consideration the members’ commitment to the organisation, loyalty and track record to deem them fit for office.

"Opportunities are always afforded to individuals on the basis of merit. This includes criteria which would be aligned to skills and capabilities required by a particular opportunity," Khanyase said. | Sunday Independent