Zoey Zothile, who was allegedly attacked by a taxi driver. Police confirm a case of common assault has been reported. Picture: Facebook

A Pretoria IT student, whose bruised and battered face went viral on Facebook after she was allegedly assaulted by a taxi driver in full view of other passengers, said the attack had left her so emotionally scarred that she was afraid to use taxis to get to the college where she was studying.

“I am even behind with school-work. I have to catch up because this has affected my health and security,” said Zoey Zothile.
“At school, I don’t even focus properly, because the way he beat me made me feel like I’m nothing and that justice won’t be served because I’m just a student. Also, I don’t have powers to make sure he’s locked away.

“This has drained me financially too, because I use Uber or Taxify and it’s costly,” said Zothile.
Last month, the 22-year-old student at Rosebank College in Joburg, posted on her page: “Today a taxi driver assaulted me because I got off his taxi and took another one that was fast, he kicked and slapped me and also hit my friend worst part, I missed my test! 

“Everyone was just watching, not doing anything, literally seeing a guy beat up a woman in public.
“After the taxi incident I haven’t felt like myself, I feel forever scared and worried. I am scared to even use any taxi at this point”.

Zothile pointed out an informal taxi rank opposite where she stays, saying this was what caused her distress because this was where she was assaulted.
“And the mere fact that I have to look for new accommodation so that these people won’t find us feels like I’m going into depression.”

Asked why she posted her pictures, Zothile said: “I honestly posted to show awareness and hopefully prevent someone’s daughter or mother from being a victim.”

SAPS spokesperson Captain Augustinah Selepe confirmed that a case of common assault had been reported.
The matter had been forwarded to a senior public prosecutor.
“As soon we receive the decision, the complainant will be notified,” he said.

The Sunday Independent