The organisers of the Holimo Wine, Gin and Jazz Festival aim to show off a side of Lesotho that’s not often seen by tourists.

Eighteen13, a black-owned winery, is putting its best foot forward to present Holimo Wine, Gin and Jazz festival - a three-day arts, wine and music bonanza. The festival will be hosted in Lesotho in December and staged at 3222m above sea level, surrounded by scenic mountains.

Event organiser Ntobeko Sikosana says the rare combination of wine, music and adventure is what sets the festival apart. 

“We are about promoting Africa the African way. As a business, we do not just sell wine. We want to give people the entire experience through wines while also focusing on destinations that people don't often get to see, doing things in places where these types of events are rare,” says Sikosana.

The winter festival is set to take place in June at Afriski resort, providing another avenue for people to explore all that Lesotho has to offer and bringing entertainment to those parts of Africa that are not often frequented by tourists.

“We then decided that in Lesotho, nothing really happens during summer, so we created this festival, the first being in December. Part and parcel of the wine tourism angle is that people need to travel and explore places,” says Sikosana.

“Boutiques, to us, mean something that you really don’t find. Combining that boutique element and a gem such as Lesotho, where there is a ski resort, makes a perfect three-day experience,” says Sikosana, adding that the adventure will include musical performances and educational tours.

The three-day summer adventure will run from December 14 to 18, with special packages that cover food, wine tasting and skiing. Fun-lovers can email Conrad Koen at [email protected] for more information.

The Sunday Independent