SHOWSTOPPER: LootLove is seen dressed in Rubicon Showcasing on the third day of the 2018 Spring and Summer SA Fashion Week.

LootLove was the showstopper model on Thursday evening, strutting the ramp for Rubicon’s collection. The radio DJ and media personality wore a long, all-black figure-hugging dress with a veil.
When it comes to fashion, the star, whose real name is Luthando Shosha, always puts her best foot forward. The Sunday Independent caught up with her at the Fashion Week to find out what makes her tick.

TSI: How would you describe your style?

LL: I don’t have one avenue where I get inspiration from. It’s different every day as it depends on my mood. It depends on the level of conflict, what I’m going to be doing on the day. Whatever works, whatever I’m in the mood for I just do it. I’m slowly getting back into wearing dresses now.

TSI: Who do you draw inspiration from when it comes to fashion?

LL: My inspiration has also come from my family, mainly my mom and grandmother. But around me it’s probably my friends.

TSI: When did the transition from the tomboy look begin?

LL: The transition began in the last two years, when I turned 26. After 25 you’re a bit off-balance. You don’t know where you stand because you’re almost close to 30 but you’re not really there. And then at 26 I realised you’ve got to step up. You’re in entertainment. You’ve got to look good all the time and you’ve got to set the bar higher for yourself and everyone. Two years ago I got a Style Award. I don’t know where I was mentally but I was tired of looking like the typical tomboy. Everyone gets it. I like sneakers but I’m also a grown woman. It’s okay to celebrate your body, the shape and form of it. Show it off. My stylist also had a lot to do with it as she suggested we take it up a notch.

TSI: How do you feel about your showstopper look for the show?

LL: I was so happy when they asked me to join them for the runway. It’s such an honour. It’s what she (Hangwani Nengovhela) sees in you that makes her want you in her dress at her show. I love it so much. It exudes drama, it has beautifully clean lines and a beautiful structure. I feel like a sexy bird. It’s a beautiful garment.


The Sunday Independent